Disable warnings and notices (XAMPP) [VIDEO]

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Disable warning and notices in XAMPP – When you install new XAMPP software to your PC it will display warning and notice in all php pages that you created. This is because E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE enabled in php.ini configuration file. In this tutorial we shared video tutorial and screenshots which explains the best method to turn off notices and warning in the XAMPP.

Steps to disable warning and notices in XAMPP:

Click on Start button and open XAMPP Control Panel:

Disable warnings and notices (XAMPP)

In the XAMPP control panel, click on Apache’s config button. It will display the lists of options. Click on PHP (php.ini) and open this file in Notepad or any other editor.

Disable warnings and notices (XAMPP)

In the php.ini file enter Ctrl + F. Then search for the content error_reporting=, as in the following screenshot:

Disable warnings and notices (XAMPP)

PHP notices and warnings will turn off by editing the following code in the php.ini file. In the error_reporting just replace by:


Disable warnings and notices (XAMPP)

Last and final step is in the Xampp control panel stop and start the Apache server. This will restart the apache server with new PHP configuration. Then open the browser and check the files working without any errors.

Disable warnings and notices (XAMPP)

NOTE: It is generally not a good idea to turn off notices and warnings for security reasons, because it will give some useful information’s to the developers and servers.

Errors and Logging documentation: Following constant names you can use in php.ini.

  • E_ERROR – Fatal run time errors which is not able to recover.
  • E_WARNINING – Run time warning and non-fatal errors.
  • E_NOTICE – This is run time notices which indicates an error.
  • E_ALL – It will display all errors and warnings.


The following video will show you how to disable warnings and notices on PHP on XAMPP (Windows-based system):