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  1. The origin of the term “pwned”
  2. Checking if a SQL Server login already exists
  3. Remove and disable Jetpack plugin menu page from subscribers
  4. How to repair Corrupt WMI Services (Microsoft Windows)
  5. Max Worker Threads and when you should change it (SQL Server)
  6. How to update the Time (Microsoft Windows)
  7. How to Prevent Apps from Being Deleted on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch?
  8. Force a global recalculation (Microsoft Excel)
  9. How to configure Windows 2008 R2 as an NTP Server (Windows Server)
  10. Spegnere il Computer (Windows 8)
  11. Come ridimensionare le partizioni (volumi) dei dischi fissi (HDD) (Windows XP)
  12. Disable Nagle’s algorithm (Networking)
  13. How do I make a .htaccess file on Windows?
  14. DELETE Statement (SQL Server) – Simple and Advanced examples
  15. Microsoft Word Shows Hyperlinks In Curly Braces as {HYPERLINK} (Office Word 2003)
  16. Disabling the Hidden Administrative Shares (Windows 7)
  17. SAP Logon INI File Installation (Windows)
  18. Andare a capo con il protocollo mailto (HTML)
  19. Collegamento Mailto – Comunicare attraverso la posta elettronica (HTML)
  20. How to Embed VBScript in cmd/bat script (VBscript vs. Batch DOS)
  21. Windows System environment variable, changes not getting reflected in CMD prompt (VBScript)
  22. How to mirror locally an FTP site with wget (Windows – Linux)
  23. Host Resolution Priority Tweak (DNS e file HOSTS)
  24. How to use special batch DOS parameters (DOS programming)
  25. Mapping SQL Server Logins to Database Users (SQL Server)
  26. How to reverse a string using VBScript
  27. Creating a simple registration form in ASP.NET (Programming)
  28. Ventola notebook rumorosa? Come monitorare le temperature con OpenHardwareMonitor
  29. How to force the browser to reload CSS and JavaScript files
  30. How to Make the Windows Command Prompt Wider (Windows XP – Vista – Seven – 8)
  31. Overview of the SQL Server Browser service (SQL Server 2005/2008)
  32. 2 Alternatives on how to set a delay (VBScript)
  33. Group Policy Management Console (Active Directory)
  34. ObjFSO.DeleteFile with Wildcards (Visual Basic)
  35. Could not start the SQL Server on Local Computer (Error Code 10048)
  36. How do I “touch” a file with standard Windows commands? (Linux – Windows)
  37. How to start a Program after a specified Idle Time has elapsed
  38. Disable USB power saving and selective suspend mode (DisableSelectiveSuspend) (Windows 7)
  39. How to Delete Old Folders usign a VisualBasic Script (VBScript)
  40. How to prevent Contact Form 7 from loading on every page (WordPress Plugin)
  41. How to configure and use VisualWGET (wget-GUI-based download manager)
  42. How to test or check reverse DNS (Linux and Windows)
  43. “The System Could Not Access The Credential Manager Server” Error (Windows Vista)
  44. Differences between PEM, DER, P7B/PKCS#7, PFX/PKCS#12 (PKI)
  45. Add & delete registry keys using .reg files (Windows OS)
  46. Marking a stored procedure as System Object (SQL Server)
  47. Boot to the desktop without an App (Windows 8)
  48. Drop All Tables in a Database Quickly (SQL Server)
  49. How can I import Outlook autocomplete (NK2) files into Outlook 2010
  50. Extreme wait-time when taking a SQL Server database offline
  51. Gestione errori con la funzione VAL.ERR e la funzione SE (Excel)
  52. Mappare Unità di Rete su File System locale (Subst command)
  53. Duplicate Icons on the user Desktop (Windows 2000/XP)
  54. How to Remove Film Strip (Video Sprockets) From Video Thumbnails (Windows 7)
  55. How to disable ”Automatically search for network folders and printers” (Windows XP)
  56. What are the $NTUninstall folders? Can they be deleted?
  57. Set Windows Explorer’s default startup folder (Windows)
  58. Border-radius – How to create rounded corners (CSS3)
  59. How to create a self-signed SSL Certificate (OpenSSL)
  60. PHP – = vs. == vs. ===
  61. Removing Version and Thank You Message From Admin Footer (WordPress)
  62. How to get Pseudo-Random Numbers (Visual Basic 6)
  63. Finding Nbstat Utility on 64-bit system (Windows 7)
  64. Controlling the width of SELECT lists (HTML)
  65. How to Autofit Column Widths (VBA)
  66. What is NBTSTAT?
  67. How To Clear Orphan Network Drives
  68. “MTP Device” keeps popping up (Windows XP/Vista/7)
  69. (MSDTC) Configure and troubleshoot Distributed Transaction Coordinator
  70. How can I open a message box in a Windows batch file?
  71. Controlling Processor Resources in Hyper-V Guests
  72. GROUP BY techniques (SQL Server)
  73. Using Credential Manager to Manage Passwords (Windows 7)
  74. Disabilitare autoelezione a Master Browser (Windows Server)
  75. Come verificare stato delle Operazioni pianificate (Windows XP – 2003)
  76. Msftqws.pdw\$(DllSelfRegisterEx) Error (Visual Basic 6)
  77. Exchange 2007 – Certificato Scaduto
  78. VBScript – Regular Expression Search and Replace Functions
  79. How To Move WordPress To A New Server Or Host
  80. Creare uno spazio dei nomi DFS (Windows Server 2003 R2)
  81. Risoluzione di problemi del servizio Ora di Windows
  82. Rebuild indexes online with SQL Server 2005
  83. Print just what you want… (Common Computer Tip)
  84. VBScript – Sleep function (or Wait for few minutes)
  85. Show the at symbol on mobile device on screen keyboard
  86. Hack to Remove or Uninstall Symantec Norton Antivirus (SAV) Client without Password
  87. DB SQL in Simple Mode (Microsoft SQL Server)
  88. MacOS X – Change DNS servers from the command line
  89. Windows 7 – Automatically expand Navigation tree to the current folder
  90. Microsoft Windows – Come disabilitare il protocollo SMB 2.0
  91. Visual Basic – Error Handling
  92. Windows XP – Remove Saved Passwords
  93. How Can I List All the User Profiles on a Computer?
  94. VBScript – How to read .txt file for input
  95. Fat32 – Impossibile creare il file o la directory
  96. Specificity (HTML – CSS)
  97. The Mac Bridge Miniport Service Failed To Start (Microsoft Windows)
  98. Optimizing indexes (ONLINE Mode) on SQL Server 2005
  99. Android – How to Extract .apk files from a device
  100. How to determine the date and time on a remote system using WMI?
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